The Real Begining

2009-03-15 17:45:01 by darkclimax

this is a book i'm working on hope you like it ^_^

The Real Beginning


Never has she seen anything like this before. A dead, human? "I thought that humans were fake" said mary startled, "well" said Mary's mother trying to keep her surprise down as not to startle her daughter, "I guess they aren't."

]Chapter one the first beginning

In the middle of nowhere there was a burst of light. Something exploded but what was it. Blinding light filled everything, everywhere where nothing once was. A black abyss renewed into something much greater something that we now call, earth.
Before we came along there were other things that lived here. Some say dinosaurs or cavemen were first among the living, and some even say we just became. Some believe in a faith as in god or budda. However these are all irrelevant,
In reality there was not one creater but there were first a colony, group, if you will, and how we create imaginary things in are minds like unicorns and elf's or orcs, there was a time when other things lets call them, Doques (for lack of a better name) imagined us.
We were their super heroes and their vampires we were imagined before we were created by these doques and we will create are super heroes we will create are imagination. But that will come in do time. First we need to look at the past. What really happened. Well, let me take you back.

]Chapter 2 what are doques

Now these doques were not alien nor animalistic, however they were far from humanoid. There is no proof of these doques. However if you want an answer, if you are searching for a reason, and haven't found it yet, I have it for you. I will start by telling you that they obviously didn't speak English, however they did speak and I would like to tell you the story of the doque child that found the first human. So if you may, please listen to my tale. I will convert their words into a language you can read.

chapter 3 the tale of mary

As Mary doodled on the leaf in front of her she felt an urge to do something drastic. She felt that if she drew in her own blood then maybe she could draw better. Mary carefully poked the tip of her index finger and began to draw an insect we now call a butterfly. "Wow, this is so pretty." She said to herself. Mary walked off to tell her mother. But when she put the leaf down on the desk, it transformed and turned into the butterfly that she drew. She passed out in fear as I'm sure we all would. Her mother came running in to see what was wrong. She saw the strange creature fluttering around. "What is that?" She proclaimed as she gave her daughter a hand up, "I drew it." stated Mary, "And it just came to life?" her mother said, "ha, prove it" so mary drew a long harry version of the creature she had made come to life, but this time without wings, in her blood. Her mother stopped her and asked her to heal her wound, but she refused and keep drawing.
When she was done she lay the leaf down on the desk for her mother to see and it came to life Just like before. Her mother gasped and said that Mary's power was very strange and that she should only use it in an emergence. Mary then stated that she could create new forms of life. She could draw herself a mate, or even a new creature she was already thinking of. Her mother told her to sleep, she tried, but did not succeed. Thoughts of this new found power kept her up all night. So she got up and picked another leaf. "One more can't hurt." She said, so she drew the new creature with an upper body and four separate branches and hands and feet with 5 toes and fingers each with 3 sections. she drew a head matching her own but with less pointy ears and made it symmetrical, the creature she created, was a human. she put the leaf down and waited for it to turn alive. It did not.
She woke up in a daze thinking why she had such an odd dream, or was it a dream she asked herself. She went out to ask her mother if she could make things out of her blood but decided not to and told her about the new creature she drew in her dream instead. She said that they varied just like doques and that they could walk and talk and everything. Her mother laughed and said she had a very creative mind and said she should go search for food so she did she walked in the woods aimlessly until she saw something, she's only seen this once before in a dream, a dead, human? "I thought that humans were fake, I just made them up, I didn't think that" Said mary startled, "well" said Mary's mother trying to keep her surprise down as not to startle her daughter, "i guess they aren't." Mary looked at her mother as if she were going insane (which she was along with mary) She just shut down. She didn't know what to do. How could she keep such a large secret? She couldn't, she had to tell all the other doques. So she did, she told every doque that if they wrote on a leaf in their own blood that they could create things, things that were wonderful, brilliantly things and they believed her, for once this seemed easy, she could actually talk without being told otherwise. She knew something and now everyone believed her. So they all tried it they all made beautiful things but some, created, other things.

]Chapter 4 the bad creations

Some doques made darker things, like cancer atoms and monsters they created viruses and plauge. They made ideas that would make everyone stop remembering the doques and they succeeded. also in making these creations the magical blood of doques. Does not always create the drawing that exact moment. Sometimes it can take centuries and sometimes you may find that your creation is nothing like what you intended it to be. If you master this power you'll find that you can draw powers and augment them to the drawers body. They can created poisons, and even minions to abide there every will. Soon Mary will regret telling the other doques, but this story is not the tale of Mary, It is the tale, of the entire doque race. We now start a new path. The path of a hero. The evil that resides in that path, and the powers that some doques have augmented themselves with.

Chapter 5 new god in time

in a few years what used to be the town mary resided in is now bleak and gray. Peices of civilization scattered across the land. A single doque stands on a hill overlooking the wasteland. He turns, and walks away from the ruins of what was once a city, and heads towards a new life, a life of death, a life of battle, and a life of recreation. This doque will create a new town, New people, New races. This doques name is william, and he alone drew the city in ruin, and it is he who will rebuild it. william walked to a large field of nothing but an empty space. He sat down, pricked his finger and began to draw on the ground, he drew buildings and doques, he drew cattle and bees and other animals. Soon the entire city was not only recreated, but the souls of the dead doques were replented into the bodys.
"thank you." said one of the children to william
william responded with a "eh,"
the child ran off to her mother and william sat against a tree he had made. it was just the right shape, with green leaves dangaling and a perfect shade for him to relax. he lied down, and took a long nap.


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