Revenge In The Shadows.

2009-08-16 02:57:06 by darkclimax

I figured I'm in far enough to tell you all about my new book. I've given up on The real beginning because I lost interest, and it's really hard to right about something when it's extremely boring. However, I've picked up a new project. It has no title. However. It has alot of back story and I know how it's going to end. But I need a title and a cover. If you think you are interested in making a title or cover, tell me and I'll give you all the back story, as well as mention you in the back of the book. I also need an editor, Please know i have no money so you'd be doing all of this strictly for advertisement in the back of my book. The prototype title for the people interested in making a cover is Revenge in the Shadows. Here's a very small amount of back story for the people interested in reading but not wanting to participate in the actual development.

Character Descriptions:

Shiku: Black shaggy hair with a sword and a pistol, Black trench coat and can go berserk. He is Male, Dark, and loves violence and being spontaneous.

Ryuu: Ryuu has short black hair, a brown trench coat, A katana, and can enter his own realm of shadows and exit anywhere he pleases, he also can move shadow animals with him, He has a wolf and a bear. The animals have tribal markings and black shadowy fur.
The most important thing about Ryuu is his armband; it goes all the way up his arm and ends in a bracelet. Can be black or brown. It is on his right arm and is very important to the story.

Here's a little taste of the book in the form of a convenient Flashback...

"As a child neither of us really fit in. Shiku never got along with anybody. Children made fun of him because of his temper. Whenever he got mad at something, He'd spin into a fit of rage and break things, including people. Soon children were afraid of him and avoided him altogether. He became depressed and angry, he would pick fights with everyone just for fun, he was unstoppable, undefeated. But one day, he finally met his match, and was beaten; BY ME!" Shiku looked at Ryuu in anger. "Yeah keep rubbing it in, that day I devoted my life to defeating you." Ryuu wraps his arm around Shiku and smiles sarcastically. "Unsuccessfully I might add."

Here is all the names of the important characters so you don't forget them.

Names: main characters: Shiku and Ryuu possible love interest:
Luna and Keria KAWAII: Skeleton Doll Shadow pets: wolf: Mashara Bear: Deja Dragon: Shade Demon lord: Yakuna

I hope you Like my book, and helping would be awesome. the picture is for a visual of the characters, it's very rough and crappy but it's just for a visual. it's ryuu and shiku back to back with Deja coming from the shadows on the right.

Revenge In The Shadows.


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