Jayden Cogswell, Be careful What You Wish For

2009-09-13 12:40:47 by darkclimax

I started Yet Another book! I know I can't stick with just one... The truth is I'm getting bored waiting for my Book partner to make his half So I started Another book of all my own words thoughts and experiances. Here's chapter one, I hope you guys like it!

Chapter One, What A Day...

"DAMNIT!" I looked at my boss with tears in my eyes. "Why Do I have to be the one to go? Why can't You Fire Joan or Richard? I've been here for 8 years! I love this job! It's my life!" My boss raised his right hand slowly and gently placed in on my left shoulder. "I'm sorry Jayden, but we have already decided. If I could decide I would have kept you, you do amazing work here but we pay you to much." I Turned around and walked out of the office. I slammed the door behind me and Ran into an intern caring Coffee, It splashed all over us and it burnt badly. I walked past the break room and down the hall. I kicked the glass door open with my boot and stormed to my car. I fished around in my pocket for my keys. They weren't there. I peeked inside my driver side window. They were on the dashboard. "DAMNIT!" I pulled out my phone and as I flipped it open I got a call. It was from the hospital. "Hello, is this Jayden Cogswell?" I leaned on my car. "Yes, Why do you ask?" The man on the other end sighed. "I'm sorry to tell you but your mother has just pasted away, there's nothing we could do." I was stunned, "Please tell me this isn't true. Tell me it's a prank?" "I'm sorry sir." The man hung up the phone. I fell to my knees and tears came quickly to my eyes. "Why?" I sat up against my car and stared at the sky. It was sunny and bright out, how could such a beautiful Day Be so horrible? I'm 32 Years old. I thought to myself, It was bound to happen sometime, but the Pain is still there. "I didn't even get to say goodbye" I said the words softly. After a few hours passed I found the strength to call AAA. A few more hours passed, they arrived, and I got my keys out successfully.
I paid them, they left, and I drove out into the street.
I drove down the right side of the road, there were buildings on all sides of me, it wasn't very busy but the cars seemed to be very slow that day. It seemed like I hit every red light, what was a 45 minute drive took around 2 hours. "What A great day for this bullshit." I arrived at 2012 It was A Bar made by a friend from back in college, His name was Robby Dubert, He was a nice guy, always had an interesting story to tell. The bar was quite successful. The front of the building was red and tan brick with two windows decorated with neon signs and beer ads. The door was like the old gym door from high school. It was green and it had dents in it. Above the door was a Banner that Read 2012 Bar! And was decorated in a semi fancy But more collage doodle book way. When you walked into the bar there was a jukebox straight ahead. It had cheesy Oldies music with a few resent ones thrown in. To your left was the bar that stretched to the far back of the building but didn't touch the wall. It left room for a hallway that led to the janitor closet, and three bathrooms. Man, Women, and Employee. Then to the left were four pool tables and three dartboards. As well as around ten tables with four chairs each. It was small and nice. I walked up to the bar and offered a double of something hard. The bartender asked me "So how'd your day go?" I just stared at him and raised my hand to count along as I listed the horrible day I have had. "Well, First I woke up to my girlfriend breaking up with me. Then I ran over a dog. Then the man whose dog I ran over chased me for a long time with a knife. After I escaped him I went to work and got Fired, When I walked out from work It seems I locked my keys in the car, But before I could Call AAA I got a call from the hospital saying My mother died. So I'd Say Petty Fucking Horrible!" The bartender Just looked at me, he stopped wiping the glass in his hand. "Oh man I'm so sorry, Here This is on the house." He got a bottle of whiskey off of the shelf and plopped it In front of me. "Here, It'll make you feel better."
I took that whiskey, And After that I don't remember anything of that night, Because When I woke up the next day. It was empty, but I know where it went. It was Vomit, and it was everywhere. My head killed, I got up and Walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had my square face, Five a clock shadow, Black short hair and Average size body. I was tan, my hands were large and I had medium sized fingers. I was 6'4 pretty tall but not outrageous, I wore an undone White dress shirt half tucked into a pair of worn jeans, and one boot undone. I was soaked in vomit.
I took off my clothes and got inside the shower. When I turned on the water, it was cold. "Great Now I have no hot water." I took my cold shower. It took awhile but when I got out I still didn't feel clean. I dried off; I walked to my bedroom and threw on a pair of jeans and some white socks. I went to the kitchen. I bent over to open the fridge when I heard somebody knock on the door. "Open up it's the police." I sighed and wandered to the front door. I opened it revealing squads of swat guys. "Hello?" They looked pissed. "We're here to investigate a drug scandal. Is this the residence of Robby Dubert?" That's the name of the guy who owns the bar I just went too, I thought. "No actually, But I know him." They lowered their weapons from my face. "Can you tell us where He is?" I was extremely confused. "May I ask why?" they seemed offended. "I'm sorry but we can't tell you. But do you know where He is?" I thought. "He might be at 2012 He owns that bar." They got worried "2012 was blown up last night. By a man that fits your description." Could I have? "Really? But that's my favorite bar!" My headache got worse; I grabbed my head and leaned forward a bit in pain. "Are you ok?" "Yeah just a bit of a headache." "Well call us if anything strange happens ok?" They let me off the hook so easy? "Will do officer." That's weird, Why would swat look for a drug scandal. And why ask me? Argh I need to go to bed. Sometimes I just wish I was the only man left on earth, That way there'd be no one To Cause Me pain and suffering. I Walked to my bed and realized it was still covered in vomit. I decided to just sleep on my couch.


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2009-09-13 13:05:37

PM me to sign a pettition against atheism!

darkclimax responds:

No, i refuse. as i am atheist... Not to start a religious war or anything...