Composite story

2009-11-22 02:17:18 by darkclimax

I had to make a composite story for english class... heres what we came up with

"Lift off!" The space hotel got shot into space. Little did they know that a homeless man named Bolton and a homosexual named willy snuck onboard. Once in space the homeless man walked into a store and stole the worlds ugliest dog then proceeded to shove it in his pants to sneak it out of the store. Willy the homosexual man saw him shove it down his pants and silently followed him out of the store. Willy asked if Bolton could please give him the dog, because he wanted to buy it and he did not approve of theft. the man took the worlds ugliest dog out of his pants and Swung it violently at Willy the homosexual. The worlds ugliest dog bit Willy in the face. this was overseen by Barrack Obama who decided to make a law that people shouldn't beat up homosexual people. he also brought the homeless man to court. he sued him for using an animal as a special weapon. the court went through a long process but eventually he was Convicted, and put in space jail.

interesting no?


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2009-11-22 02:20:43

I would give it an A- because of grammar, but it made me "lol" so whatever.