Ur so l337

2010-02-21 09:52:04 by darkclimax

"Ur S0 L33t."

Yo Hackz0r!
Yur S0 L33t!
My account dun been busted fix me please.

Sure, Noob. Gimme your password,
I won't do anything absurd.

Any Reasons yur bein s0 nice?

Your grammar Sucks.

I Kn0ws Right? :D

Please don't use emoticons,
It makes me wanna hit you.

Your s0 violent. yo shut up dude!
Oh by the way you lost the game.

How did the internet get so lame?
This poem's beginning to turn to rap
Another sign of useless crap.


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2010-02-21 10:19:44

the fuck we talking about?

darkclimax responds:

chat speak.