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WOOT! rock symble

2009-03-09 17:41:19 by darkclimax

i finnally got off the stupid lollipop XD "sigh" i can't belive that i'm freakin cheering for level 3 O_o

tomorrow the clan is holding an epic raid of gold beach and we're gonna do it in the uniform also we are accepting any other helpers it's at 7:00 standard eastern time and we'll be waiting for you ^_^

lol camera glare XD

2009-03-06 21:02:51 by darkclimax

take a look at my noobish shot just wow

fyi i finally realized this is just for chatting it up on my profile page with no help from the previous d-bag XD but thanks to google ^_^

this just in

2009-03-04 14:25:30 by darkclimax

Is there a rules thingy I can look at to see what I can and can't post on the news posts I don't want to get in trouble I love this site but I can't find it on the FAQ